About Us



Summer Buddies was founded by Sarah Lubin and Angela Nance  (Pictured here in the center, slowly sliding down the hill), in 2004 with the intention of offering a social skills program that enabled children of all abilities to learn to live, laugh, and play together!



What's different about us

    Our program is unique in that it aims to provide an emphasis on social and play skills in a fun, safe environment.  Summer Buddies focuses on providing the tools for social & play skills to children who have a range of disabilities and their typically developing peers.  In our 14th year we are more proud than ever and strive to continue to provide a program and organization that benefits our community and everyone involved!  


HOw We do it

We are a grass roots organization aimed at providing social skills play groups to children ages 3-7 with and without disabilities during the summer.  We directly teach play and social skills to children who may not otherwise learn or acquire these skills naturally and offer opportunities for children of varying abilities to learn to socialize and play together.